April 6, 2015 Hannah Nordhagen

Do These Yoga Pants Make My Tush Look Great?

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I’m Abbie Joy, Hannah-the-yoga-queen’s kid sister. I like yoga, but I really like clothes. And I really like clothes made for yoga. And I really like clothes that love back. Like clothes that are made ethically–clothing made by people paid a fair wage, in clean conditions, and made in a way that respects the environment. And (shameless plug) I also write a blog about clothes that are made responsibly*. So I’m here today to show some yoga pants that are made by companies trying to do something better. And in the process they will probably show your tush some love, too.

Beyond Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.12.40 PM copy

Beyond Yoga makes all of their clothing in the US of A. They try to reduce their footprint, and everyone involved works in LA, meaning that the owners can oversee everything from working conditions to item quality. And they have great pants.

For simple styles, let’s start with these basic Salt and Pepper Stretch Capri Leggings ($77). The Quilted Side Panel Long Leggings in Plum are cute ($99). I LOVE the style right now of leggings that are partly sheer. These ($99) (pictured above) and these ($82) accomplish that style.

Looking for shorts? Pick up some Salt and Pepper shorts ($58). Don’t want skin tight (but still want the butt to look good)? The Live and Love sweatpants are the ticket ($99). Pregnant? Beyond Yoga has an awesome maternity line that is actually cute. The What’s Kicking Gather Leggings are simple ($98), as are the Quilted Leggings ($105).

Alo Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.19.46 PM

Like Beyond Yoga, all of Alo Yoga’s goods are made in the USA. And boy do they have the goods. Again with the mesh! Oh the mesh! These Mesh Goddess Leggings need to be in my closet like NOW ($94) (and I’m mad ‘cuz a little birdie told me that they are already in my sister’s closet. Why do she and I have to live so far away?). I want them in all of the colors. If we want to start jazz-ing (yoga-ing?) it up a little more, look at these two-tone Goddess Ribbed Leggings ($94) (pictured above).  All the fashion of leg warmers without the 80’s eye makeup hangovers and hairspray highs. These Swift Leggings are cute, too ($84).

Again, shorts? Pick up the Big Wave Shorts ($52) or the Burn Short ($52). Something looser? The Dune Pants are soon to be your new favorite workout gear (or pj’s) ($68). The Studio Woven Capris are also an option ($52).

Odds and Ends

These Hard Tail pants are simple and good ($59; USA). Patagonia will NEVER fail you. Their Centered Tights ($79; Sri Lanka) are nice, as are the Centered Pants ($89; Sri Lanka).

Go do some good for others, the environment, and your tush.

*For more about ethically made clothing, visit commonthreadsfashion.com.

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